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          中央对WJ的使命是 研究生毕业。五大核心特性组成 毕业生在毕业 are: Open to Growth, Intellectual Competence, Religious, Loving & Committed to Doing Justice. 
          The 同伴计划 is a cohesive, communal approach to teach, experience, and integrate the Grad at Grad into our students' lives. This 4-year program explicitly creates symmetry between the 毕业生在毕业 and the lives & experiences of our students.
          在小群体,我们搞的毕业生在毕业去探索这意味着什么在我们的生活中,建立社区和提高水平 库拉属人 (照顾整个人)。 



          • 同伴

            In light of our Jesuit identity & mission, we named this program "同伴“。 We believe that this name reflects the communal nature & journey of this formation program, and it also invokes the name of the original group of Jesuits.

            This enables us to share our history & embrace our challenge to "set the world on fire“。

          • 同伴壳

            扇贝贝壳出现在整个历史上的基督教象征,与朝圣者的相关 - 一个谁旅行到一个神圣的地方长的距离。 

            As the students in our 同伴 program have begun their own pilgrimage, our "pilgrims" will embark upon an exploration of who they are and who they will become in light of the characteristics of the Grad at Grad. The shell bears five segments, & these segments combine to represent the five 毕业生在毕业 characteristics.



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