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          Inspired by St. Ignatius, Ignatian Spirituality affirms the world & all creation through God's grace & love. Ignatian Spirituality finds God in all things. Walsh Jesuit praises, reveres and serves our God by loving & serving our neighbor. We are 男人和女人对与他人, and all we do is for the greater glory of God. AMDG
          校园事 develops Christian competence, conscience & compassion within the WJ community through dynamic retreats, social justice, Christian service & immersion experiences, prayer & sacramental life and spirituality.

          通过耶稣基督的启发,在ST的传统。伊格内修斯,我们力争做到 男人和女人对与他人。耶稣会教育的主要理念之一是 库拉属人, a Latin term meaning "care of the entire person; body, mind & spirit."

          WJ is much more than a high school; we are a community that continuously fosters Men & Women for Others. We prepare young men and women for lives of faith, love, service and leadership in the Jesuit tradition of Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (AMDG), "For the Greater Glory of God."

          学校的礼仪| 2019-20




          • Pho至 of 蒂姆 邓恩

            先生。 蒂姆 邓恩 

          • Pho至 of 四月 卡托纳

            太太。 四月 卡托纳 

          • Pho至 of 阿什利 诺克斯

            小姐 阿什利 诺克斯 08

          • Pho至 of 迈克尔 palange

            先生。 迈克尔 palange 


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