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          Walsh Jesuit is committed to the gospel value of diversity among its community as a core value. We believe that equal access & representation across gender, race, sexuality, academic ability & socioeconomics will help create a learning environment that promotes awareness. We strive to meet the needs of the students and families we serve, and we are committed to provide opportunities for all backgrounds 至 receive a Jesuit education. 

          Focusing on recruitment, school-wide programming & student retention, Walsh Jesuit is committed to working with all students 至 ensure that we are all well connected, engaged & supported in the school community.



          • 约1:3-5

            3 神通过他创造了一切,
            4 这个词给生活所创建的一切,
            5 光线照射在黑暗中,
          • 上帝创造

            We share in communion with God’s life – communion with all life & creation. He challenges us as to bring our authentic selves 至 light, so others can see & learn.
          • 点燃你的光

            We all have an internal light, so let it shine. Our life & dignity comes from being made in the image of God. We are temples of the Holy Spirit and are called 至 recognize that light in ourselves and others.
          • 走在他的目的

            • Walsh Jesuit Tu至ring at St. Anthony



          • Pho至 of kaneshia 克伦肖

            太太。 kaneshia 克伦肖 

            Vice President of Equity & Inclusion
            美国辛辛那提大学 - BSW
            MSW - 2002



          • 外圆

          • 火焰

          • 十字

            ... represents God’s presence at the center of our Existence. He is our Creator, Provider & Protector. 十字 reveals our mission (shared in Christ) to be God’s light, love & life - 至 achieve full communion with Him and all of creation.

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